Long-term visa


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A long-stay visa is issued for a stay of over 90 days (short stay) but not longer than 6 months. The purpose of issuing a long-stay visa is distinguished:

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What is an Employee Card?

An Employee Card is a new long-term residence permit. A foreigner who holds an employee card may stay in the Czech Republic. While working on a job in the company for which the employee card was issued. An employment card is the replacement of a long-term visa for employment.


Where to apply for a long-stay visa?

An application for renewal of the visa can be filed at the embassy office of the Czech Republic. Form – You can find a long-stay visa application here.


When to apply for a long-stay visa?

You can apply for a visa extension if the same purpose of your stay is still valid. You can apply 90 days at the earliest and 14 days before the expiry of the short stay period.

Application for long-term visa in the Czech Republic – necessary documents

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