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The Employee Card for Foreigners is a new long-term residence permit in the Czech Republic for foreigners for employment. This permit is intended for a stay longer than 3 months.

I want to know more about an employee card for foreigners!

An employment card replaces a long-term visa for work and long-term residence for employment. It is a uniform visa intended for foreigners from all over the world.

Who can apply for an employee card?

Besides citizens and family members of the EU / EEA and Switzerland who need no work visa, all third-country nationals may apply for the EMPL card.

There are two types of employee cards in the Czech Republic


Where can I apply for an EA?

You can apply for an Employee Card in your country or at the Ministry of the Interior. If you are in the territory of the Czech Republic on the basis of a visa issued for staying over 90 days or on the basis of long-term residence for another purpose.

Application for an employee card for foreigners – necessary documents:

You must submit the following documentation on request:

For how long is the employee card issued?

An employment card is issued for a maximum of two years. However, this time depends on how long you enter into an employment contract with your employer in the Czech Republic.

Extension of the employee card

You must apply for extension of the employee card at least 14 days before the expiration date.

What if I want to change my job for which I have an Employee Card?

If you want to change your employment during your stay on your employee card, you will need it:

Dual employment cards:

Non dual employment cards:

If you have free entry to the labor market, you have to report a change of work within three working days.

If you need to obtain a work permit, you must apply for the change to the branch of the Labor Office at your place of residence.

What is the difference between a blue card and an employee card?

The Blue Card is a special visa intended for foreigners. Who intend to perform work in the Czech Republic for which a high level of qualification and experience is required.

The Employee Card is designed for all regardless of the level of education or the intensity of the work performed.

An employment card for foreigners is linked to a particular job for which it was issued. This means you can work with the employer on such a position for which the Department of Asylum and Migration Policy has been granted.