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Blue card for foreigners is a special long-term residence in the Czech Republic. It is issued to foreigners who apply for a job requiring high level of expertise.


Who can apply for a blue card?

The Blue Card is intended for third-country nationals who intend to work in the Czech Republic for three months.


How long does it take?

The Blue Card is issued for at least one year under the employment contract plus three months in addition as a time limit for finding another job and for a maximum of two years.

What must a blue card applicant meet?

The applicant must have a university degree or higher professional education that lasted at least three years.

The foreigner must also have an employment contract under which he is employed full-time and his gross wage must correspond to one and a half times the average gross wage in the Czech Republic.

What job do I have to do to become a blue card holder?

The Blue Card is always assigned to a job related to the performance of the job where a high level of qualification is required and the job cannot be filled.

You can find a list of such jobs at the official MLSA portal here.

What to do after I choose my job from the portal?

After choosing a job from the MPSV portal, you can then contact your prospective employer with your resume and details of the employment contract you usually discuss at the interview.


Scientific research

If you intend to go to the Czech Republic for over three months for scientific research, you are asking for a blue card, but for a long-term stay for scientific research.

I got a job to apply for a blue card


Blue card application form

The blue card application form is available for download at the official website of the ICRC. The direct link to downloading the application is here:

For English-Czech download – HERE
For Russian-Czech download – HERE

Blue Card Request – Required Documents

You will need these documents to request a blue card:

You may also be asked to provide:

When will I be notified of my blue card request being accepted or rejected?
You will receive notification of your decision within ninety days of filing.

Is it possible that my application will be rejected?
Your request may be rejected in the following cases:

What can I do in case of a refusal?

If your Blue Card request is declined, for example. because of poorly submitted documents, you can appeal within 15 days of delivery. The appeal must be sent by post to the Ministry of the Interior.

My request has been positively assessed: what next?

If your application has been positively assessed, a member of the Ministry of Interior will contact you within a few days, who will agree with you on the deadline for issuing a long-term residence permit in the Czech Republic – blue cards.

Subsequently, the Ministry of the Interior submits in writing to the employer you have met the conditions for obtaining a blue card.

Before you issue a blue card, you will be issued a confirmation of the conditions for obtaining a blue card. This confirmation serves as a document entitling you to remain in the Czech Republic before you receive a blue card with biometric data.

What if the job I choose will not suit me, and I want to change my job?

If you quit your job during the validity of a Blue Card, you must notify the competent ICR office within three days. This obligation also applies to the change of employer.

During the first two years, the employer changes are subject to MVČR’s approval. You must always report the change and wait for the decision.

Change of work orientation and change of employer for blue card during the first two years of stay

The change of employer in the first two years, is subject to the prior approval of the ICRC. The Ministry will grant your consent if you still meet the Blue Card conditions.

One of the most important conditions for changing jobs and resuming residence permits is the position you would like to occupy is still one of the jobs where high qualifications are required and is part of the job postings that can be filled by the applicant for a blue card.

You can find a request for a change of employment on this site.


To apply for a change of employment, you will need the following documents:

In case of consent from the MVČR, the same blue card will remain with the original validity.

Inform the new employee about the new job within three days at the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs.

Change of work orientation and change of employer in the blue card after the first two years of stay

If you are in the Czech Republic on a blue card for over two years and want to change your job, just complete the following form on the MVČR website