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I came to work in the Czech Republic. What permission will I need?

Getting the employee card, will be your priority, because it is necessary for you. It is one type of visa for long-term work, residence permit and employment visa. The card is uniform for all foreigners from all countries around the world. Everyone who wants to stay in the Czech Republic for more than 3 months must have it.

Do I have to apply for an employee card?

If you are a citizen of the EU / EEA and Switzerland, you do not have to apply for the card. In this case, you do not need a work visa at all. However, if you come from other countries, then the card will be your basic document for your stay here. If the police ask you for your documents, you will have to show them this card.

How does the card look like?

There are two kinds of employee cards.  The first one is an employee card, which also entitles you to stay in the Czech Republic and to work here. It is a type of dual employee card because it serves two purposes as a double permit. The second option is an employee card, which entitles you to stay in the Czech Republic only, so it is only residence visa, not a work visa.

formulář pro zaměstnaneckou kartuWhere can I get an employee card?

You can apply for it in your country or in the Czech Republic at the appropriate Ministry of Interior. The second option is good for you if you are staying in the Czech Republic on the basis of a residence visa granted for a period longer than ninety days or on the basis of a long stay here for another purpose.

What will I need to apply for a card?

Do I have to add any other documents?

Yes, you may be asked for:

  • a document similar to the extract from the Criminal Records of your country
  • proof of recognition of your foreign education by the competent authority of the Czech Republic - nostrification of the diploma
  • medical report that you do not suffer from a serious disease

Attention - all documents must not be older than 180 days, ie half a year.

For how long do I get an employee card?

The maximum length for which you can obtain an employee card is two years. However, the specific time you get it is usually governed by the long of employment contract with your employer. For example, if you have a one-year employment contract, you will also receive an annual employee card.

How do I extend my employee card?

You must apply for an extension of the employee card no later than 14 days before the card expires.

odbor azilové politikyI want to change jobs. What now? Will I need another employee card?

If you decide to change your job to a job other than the one on which you issued your employee card, you will need the following documents for the dual employee card:

If you have free entry to the labor market and you have nout dual card, you must report a change of work within three days. If you need to obtain a work permit, then you have to ask the appropriate Labor Office to change your place of residence.

What is the difference between a Blue card and an Employee card?

The Blue Card is a special visa for foreigners who will do work in the Czech Republic for which high qualifications and experience are essential. On the other hand, the Employee Card is intended for everyone, no matter what their education is and how hard their work is, what qualifications they require. At the same time, the employee card is also directly linked to a specific job for which it was issued. So you can work only with a specific employer and in a position for which you have been granted the approval of the Department of Asylum and Migration Policy of the Ministry of the Interior. Newly, you can use the so-called Ukraine project, which seeks to simplify and accelerate the entire process of processing a visa for Ukraine employees.

Do you want to make the whole process of dealing with employee cards easier?

We'll do everything for you. Just order a non-binding consultation!

Do you want to make the whole process of dealing with employee cards easier?

We'll do everything for you. Just order a non-binding consultation!

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