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Searching for an apartment can be a real challenge. Especially when you’re in a completely new country and you have nobody to ask for help. But don’t worry – we will give you few tips to help you navigate in the real estate world.


This is probably the most important thing you should consider. You would probably like to find some place close to your school or work. But remember that it doesn’t have to be a 5 minute walk – more important is to check tram or bus lines to see if the location provides good connection by public transport.

You should also keep in mind grocery stores, supermarkets or other shopping facilities. And, of course, don’t forget pubs, bars, clubs, cinemas or other places where you can meet new people and entertain yourself.

And finally, it is advisable to consider lights from surroundings, noise, and what the apartment will be like in other seasons. You surely don’t want to spend fortune on heating during winter.


Do you want to live alone or are you willing to give up a bit of your privacy and share the apartment with a roommate? There are of course advantages and disadvantages of both options. The truth is that renting an apartment on your own can be quite costly. So if you’re just a student and you don’t have a rich family, then finding a roommate can be wise choice.

Utilities and Appliances

Remember to ask about the utility payments and make sure you understand how it works for your apartment. Also, check all the appliances and report any problems. Eventually, ask about all the things you’re not sure about. For example – pet policy, smoking policy, security deposit, mail, Internet etc.

Be careful and don’t assume that everything is all right. You should be rather too cautious than be unpleasantly surprised later. Not every lessor is completely honest and trustworthy.

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