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A long-stay visa is issued for a stay of over 90 days (short stay) but not exceeding 6 months. The purpose of issuing a long-stay visa:

formulář pro dlouhodobé vízum

  1. Study - the application is filed, for example, in the case of an exchange stay. In other cases, such as primary or secondary education, apply for a permanent residence permit for the purpose of study.
  2. Employment - since 2014 has been replaced by a so-called employee card. It is no longer possible to apply for this permit because of moving to the Czech Republic.
  3. Entrepreneurship
  4. Family merger
  5. Acceptance of residence permit
  6. Invitation
  7. Cultural or sports invitation

Everything must be properly translated into Czech with notarial verification. What is an employee card? An employee card is a new type of long-term residence permit. A foreigner who holds an employee card may reside in the Czech Republic and at the same time work for a job in the company for which the employee card has been issued. An employee card is a replacement for a long-term visa for employment. Where to apply for a long-term visa? An application for a visa extension can be submitted to the Czech Embassy. Form - Request for a long-stay visa can be found here.When to ask for long-term visa? You can apply for a visa extension if the same purpose of your stay is still valid. You can submit your application no earlier than 90 days and no later than 14 days before the expiry of the short stay.

formulářApplication for long-term visa in the Czech Republic - necessary documents

  • Valid travel document (original),
  • 2 photographs,
  • proof of secured accommodation for the whole stay,
  • document confirming the purpose of stay,
  • confirmation of financial means for stay in the territory.

Upon request, you must further submit

  • a document similar to the extract from the Criminal Records issued by the State of which the foreigner is a citizen, as well as the states in which he / she has been continuously in the last 3 years for more than 6 months or a solemn declaration if the state does not issue such a document (it is not required from foreigners under the age of 15),
  • a medical report that you do not suffer from any serious illness (ie the disease is stated in Decree No. 274/2004 Coll.).

Note: Everything must be properly translated into Czech.

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