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Your health is very important, so it is essential that you have a health insurance company that will provide you with a reasonable price and quality care. In the Czech Republic, insurance is compulsory. Together with our partner health insurance company we offer comprehensive health insurance for foreigners that meets all Czech legal requirements and is accepted by foreign police a

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How to identify the right Insurance

  Comprehensive health insurance should meet the following criteria (pursuant to Act No. 326/1999 Coll.) To be accepted by the Honorary Police of the Czech Republic or by the Embassy of the Czech Republic Abroad: It is recommended that insurance be provided by any Czech insurance company which is legally entitled to provide this type of insurance. In the case of any foreign insurance, you risk that it will not be accepted by the foreign police or embassy. The insurance limit must be at least EUR 60,000 Health insurance must include: Emergency healthcare (accident) Preventive health care There should not be your financial participation (for example, the cost of healthcare is 10,000 CZK, but you have to pay some of it, eg 1000 CZK) Health care in the event of an accident caused by alcohol or any other medicine or any sporting activity Health care for accidents resulting from your willful misconduct The insurance provided by the Slavia insurance company mediated by is legally recognized by the Alien Police of the Czech Republic or by any Czech embassy and meets all the requirements of Act no. 326/1999 Coll.  

Myths and Facts 

Myth: s part of comprehensive health insurance, the alien receives compensation only for an injury.   Fact: By no means! At VZP insurance, the alien is entitled to healthcare comparable to that received by a Czech citizen in the framework of public health insurance, including preventive medical examinations and vaccination. Myth: Insurance companies do not pay for the health care of foreigners. Fact: Frequency of compensation is steadily rising, and it is clear that foreigners benefit from insurance benefits in their entirety. VZP insurance pays several million Czech crowns for health care to foreigners a month. Myth: Insurance companies are willing to provide insurance only for healthy foreigners. Fact: The VZP insurance company also insures illness that the foreigner has brought from his country. The insurance contract can be concluded by anyone who does not intend to abuse it. Myth: Comprehensive health insurance for foreigners is disadvantaged and expensive in conditions. Fact: VZP insurance company keeps the cost of health insurance of foreigners at the lowest possible level. The foreigner therefore receives healthcare comparable to the citizen of the Czech Republic at a considerably lower price. In addition, insurance premiums are not dependent on foreigners' income, which is the case for Czech citizens. Myth: An alien is not receiving high-quality healthcare. Fact: Aliens receive healthcare that is comparable to the care of Czech citizens. Foreigners can also use the same healthcare facility. The services provided are often significantly better compared to the healthcare that foreigners use in their country of origin. Myth: A foreigner has limited access to health care because of a language barrier. Fact: Clients of the VZP insurance company have a 24/7 assistance service. Operators speak Czech, Slovak, English, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Ukrainian and Vietnamese and are ready to facilitate access for foreigners to the required healthcare.

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