Visas for family members

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This stay is entitled for:

  • A spouse, a minor or adult dependent child of a foreigner with a residence permit or an asylum-seeker
  • A minor or adult dependent child of a foreigner with a residence permit or an asylum seeker
    A minor in substitute family care of a foreigner with a residence permit or an asylum seeker or his spouse
  • Parent, Grandparent or guardian of the minor asylum seeker
  • A lonely foreigner older than 65 years of age or regardless of age, a stranger who cannot take care of himself for health reasons in the case of a family reunion with a parent or a child authorized to stay in the territory
  • A foreigner who, before joining the Czech Republic, resided in the territory of another EU Member State as a family member of the blue card holder (long-term residence permit to pursue a highly qualified job) 

The person with whom a foreigner is associated should be allowed to last permanently or for a long-term stay and stay in the Czech Republic for a minimum of 15 months (with the spouses, they must reach the age of 20) or the blue card.

If you submit your application within 3 months of granting asylum, only the following documents must be supplied with the application:

  • Completed form
  • A valid travel document
  • 2 photos
  • Proof of family relationship

The application may be filed at the Czech embassy or at the Ministry of Interior’s office according to the place of residence if you are staying in the territory of the Czech Republic for a visa over 90 days or on the basis of a long-term residence permit for other purposes.

The application must be documented:

  • Filled in form (green colors);
  • A valid travel document
  • 2 photos
  • Proof of accommodation in the territory
  • A document confirming the family relationship (birth certificate, marriage certificate etc.)
  • Consent of a parent / legal guardian / guardian if the child merges with another person (consent need not be given if it is not possible to submit it because of the will of the independent person or if the child is already residing in the territory of the Czech Republic)
  • Proof of the provision of means of residence
  • Travel health insurance.

The time limit for issuing a decision is 270 days from the date of filing the application to the embassy, ​​with cohabitation with the EU Blue Card holder 180 days, and in the application filed within 60 days. The validity period is at least 1 year.

Proof of accommodation

Both the lease agreement and the landlord’s declaration must be signed by all real owners of the property (flat, house, etc.) or, where appropriate, by the owner of the lease to conclude a lease.

Means of residence in the territory

The funds must be shown by proof of the total net monthly income of you and your assessments. The required total income is composed of:

  • From the subsistence amount (for 2014 it is 3.410, -Kč, if another person is judged with you, then it is 3.140, -Kč and for the second and the other person the age is distinguished as follows: 2.830, -CZK For persons from 15 years of age, if it is not a dependent child, 2.450, -Kč for a dependent child aged 15-26, 2.140, -Kč for a dependent child from 6 to 15 years and 1.740, -Kč for a child under 6 years)
  • Housing costs: The amount you are demonstrably payable for rent, including water services, electricity, or so-called normative housing costs under Section 26 of Act No. 117/1995 Coll., On State Social Support.

Example: if you live with two children aged 10 and 3 years, you pay 13,000, -Kč for rent including services, the required amount is 3.140 + 2.140 + 1.740 + 13.000 = 20.020, -CZK.

Together, judged persons are those who share an apartment with you (e.g., children, parents, spouse, partner) unless they declare in writing they do not live with you permanently and do not pay the costs of you and your needs with you.

Visas for family members

The application may be filed at the Czech embassy.

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