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The application is submitted on the completed form (you can find it here). All documents submitted to the application must be in the Czech language or officially translated into the Czech language. If any erroneous submission occurs, your application may be rejected.

Request for permanent residence – necessary documents

  • A valid travel document
  • A document confirming you have met the condition of five years of continuous temporary stay in the Czech Republic
  • 2 photos
  • A document confirming accommodation in the Czech Republic
  • A document confirming the provision of means of residence in the Czech Republic
  • Proof of the written exam from the Czech language
  • Extract from the Criminal Records Register

Granting permanent residence in the Czech Republic

If you approved for a permanent residence permit, you will be contacted by a telephone worker of the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic, who will then provide you with all the information about transferring the biometric card. If you do not reach out by phone, you will receive a notification by post to the address you provided on the permanent residence form.

Not granting permanent residence

If you are denied a permanent residence permit, you have the option to appeal against the decision within 15 days of receipt. Submit the appeal by registered letter by post or hand over to the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic, which will judge the matter.

Cancellation of permanent residence

The cancellation of a permanent residence may occur with criminal offenses or with misleading information. Authorizations will also be void if you are outside the Czech Republic for over six years and outside the EU for more than one year.

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