Interview with Alien Police or how the interrogation is being conducted at the Alien Police


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Interview with Alien Police is required for some third-country nationals who apply for permanent residence in the Czech Republic or who wish to marry a partner as a citizen of the Czech Republic. After submitting your application for permanent residence, you will receive an official letter from the Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic with the date and exact time of the interview at the Alien Police or the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic.

Hearing at the Alien Police? Am I supposed to expect the worst?

The main reason for questioning at Alien Police is to find out whether your stay in the Czech Republic that you wrote in the application is real. The allegations of foreigners are being done precisely because of the prevention of trafficking in human beings or the acquisition of a Czech visa in order to move around the Schengen area. Several such cases have been reported in the past. Another reason for the interrogation is to examine the applicant and to prevent the possibility of obtaining a residence for persons who are reasonably suspected of committing a criminal offense against the state or citizens of the Czech Republic in the future.

What should I prepare for the Alien Police or the Ministry of the Interior interrogation?

Before interviewing, you should be aware of the purpose of your stay in the Czech Republic. For example:

  • If you intend to open a company in the Czech Republic and start a business, you should be able to explain what type of business you intend to run and why.
  • If you are in the Czech Republic for a family reunion, or you have found a partner in the Czech Republic you are going to marry, you should be able to describe his / her family relationships and his / her family.
  • If you are going to study at some of the Czech universities, you should be able to explain why you have applied for the university and what you intend to study.

My partner who is a foreigner does not speak Czech well enough, what can I do?

If your partner does not speak a Czech language at all or does not have a good level of English, he is entitled to rent an interpreter's services by law. In such a case, the interpreter must be a verified interpreter. A list of these translators and interpreters can be found on the Justice website in the Experts and Interpreters section. What is the cost of interpreting services for interrogation at Alien Police? The cost of the interpreter is around 600, - to 2500, - CZK per interrogation. Usually, the interpreter will pay for each commenced hour of interrogation. Some, however, offer a fixed preferential rate for the entire interrogation. The price for interpreter services may vary greatly and may even exceed the amount of 2500 CZK if the interpreter is also a lawyer or lawyer who can help you with some questions about your company.

How is the Alien Police questioning going?

An allegiance at the Alien Police, sometimes also referred to as an interview with the Alien Police or the Ministry of the Interior, takes place according to a predetermined timetable. All interviewees and interpreters must arrive on time. If you apply for permanent residence for the purpose of joining the family, your relative or future prospective is also required to come. This is true even if he is not a citizen of the Czech Republic but has a permanent residence here. Once everyone is here and you come in a row, you will be invited to the interrogations individually.

How long does the interrogation on the Alien Police last?

  An interview with the Alien Police may take up to one hour per person. It consists of twenty to thirty questions.

What does the interrogation begin with?

A foreigner who does not speak Czech, or has asked for an interpreter, is the first. You will be invited to the room where an interpreter and two staff of the Ministry of Interior will be sitting next to you. One who will ask you questions and the other who will record them on the recorder and write. Do not be afraid to meet a tough or impolite worker. Interviewing is usually carried out professionally and staff members of the Ministry of the Interior are polite.

Atmosphere of an interview at Alien Police

Normally, the atmosphere of the Alien Police's interview is friendly, so do not be nervous and do not try to answer the questions in the fancy manner. It can completely change the attitude of the policemen and the fancy answers can be explored unnecessarily and can lead to further unpleasant questioning. If you are asked a question about a family partner which you do not know the answer to, you do not have to worry about saying that you don´t know or are unsure. Before you start the interview, you will be asked to sign a document confirming that you are able to act for yourself and are not under the influence of narcotics. Then there is a series of questions. In the beginning they will ask you for your name, surname, date of arrival in the Czech Republic and your purpose of travel and stay in the territory of the Czech Republic. These questions belong to the so-called warm-up and are meant to talk to you. It is always better to answer a simple and clear answer like 'Yes' or 'No' and do not go deeper into details. Permanent residence to open the company If you are applying for permanent residence to open a company, be prepared for questions about your business plan. Permanent residence for family reunification If you are applying for a family reunion, be prepared for questions about your partner and family relationships. For example:

  • Do you know all of your partner's relatives in person?
  • What are their names?
  • Are you planning a family holiday?
  • When and where did you travel in the past?
  • Where do other family members work?
  • Who in the family pays for food?
  • What are the colors of your toothbrushes?

What to expect by the end of the interrogation?

By the end of the interview, staff of the Ministry of the Interior ask for a precise description of a particular situation in the past. For example: You may be asked for a description of how you spent the last day or weekend. During the description, they will ask you very detailed questions as to which bus you were driving in the situation with the color. If you do not have your answer or you do not remember these details, it's better to say in the simplest way that you do not know and do not remember it.


At the end of the interview, you will receive a printed report on your interrogation in the Czech language and you will be asked to sign it. In this section, you should pay great attention especially if you are with an interpreter. Check out all your testimonies and do not let the ambiguous explanations of your answers. If you find anything that you do not like, do not be afraid to ask for a fix. Interior Ministry staff must always print a new protocol. Do not be afraid to request a reprint Do not be afraid to ask for a copy of 3-4 or more if you need it. With mistakes or ambiguous statements, you run the risk of your request for permanent residence being denied. Only sign the interrogation report when you are absolutely sure about the accuracy of your testimonies. Other members of the Alien Police (your friend, girlfriend) will be interviewed by the same procedure.

When will I receive a decision on my application?

The decision on the application depends on many factors, you will usually receive the result within 3-4 weeks.

At the end

Finally, we can assure you that officials are professionals who know their job and make sure the interview is not stressful and you do not have to worry unnecessarily.

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