Flat Handover: a Few Tips to Remember


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You’ve already enjoyed all the amazing things that the Czech Republic offers? Then it’s time to say goodbye not only to the country but also to the flat where you’ve been living.

Although this could be also very emotional moment, don’t forget to keep in mind all the handover clauses from your lease agreement. This can save you a lot of troubles.

When you leave your apartment make sure that all the equipment, furniture and other stuff are exactly in the same condition as they were when you first entered the flat. Remember also to clean everything properly and hand over all keys.

In case you have damaged anything or there is any other problem you need to inform the lessor and be ready to pay for it. The lessor has the right to keep a part of the security deposit if you don’t manage to settle the problem otherwise.

On the other hand, you are eligible to ask for the money you spent on replacement of any broken goods or other repairs.

You are also advised not to leave any of your belongings in the apartment. Even though, you might feel that these can be beneficial for the lessor or other tenants. If you wish to leave something behind, always discuss this with the lessor and ask for his permission.

Finally, be prepared for communication with the lessor. If you know that he or she cannot speak English, don’t hesitate to bring a friend or a translator. The most important thing while handing over a flat is to be able to understand. Don’t be afraid, though, most lessors don’t want to rip you off or make any troubles. They just wish to have their property ready for another tenant and be sure that you took care about their stuff.

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