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Any foreigner residing in the Czech Republic may decide to apply for Czech citizenship after some time. Of course, this step brings many advantages, but you must also have in mind that a number of conditions must be met to successfully complete the process. Foreigners whose parents or spouses have citizenship can also apply for Czech citizenship.

When can I apply for Czech citizenship?

české státní občanství

Czech Citizenship for Foreigners - Virtually every foreigner who is allowed to reside for at least 5 years in the Czech Republic can apply for Czech citizenship. Applicants for Czech citizenship for Ukrainians also fall into this category. An exception is for EU citizens for whom only three years of residence are required. To obtain Czech citizenship, several examinations are required. It is therefore appropriate to apply for citizenship only at the moment when the person is truly confident of passing the exams.

How can Czech citizenship be obtained?

Czech Citizenship can be obtained in several ways:

  • by submitting an application and carrying out a trial
  • birth in the Czech Republic
  • on the basis of the spouse's citizenship
  • at least one of the parents has citizenship in the Czech Republic

Language exams for foreigners

Probably the most important test to be taken when applying for citizenship, is a Czech language exam. Even after many years of residence, many citizens have problems with Czech language, so it is no wonder that they are afraid of it. In fact, this is not a very extreme test. However, it must be borne in mind that the official who decides on the issue of citizenship needs to know whether a foreigner is able to work in the Czech Republic in everyday life. Several years ago, others also joined the language exam, so the process of acquiring citizenship was tightened. At present, foreigners also carry out tests in Czech history, geography, culture, legal or constitutional order. jazyková zkouška občanství črObtaining Citizenship in the Czech Republic

Difficulty of Exams

It is said that the exams that lead to the acquisition of Czech citizenship are not the easiest, but at the same time they can be mastered. If a foreigner in the Czech Republic works in everyday life, works, buys, etc., within a few years he/she gets an overview of how everything works here. Consequently, the test, which will focus on common issues of everyday life or Czech customs and traditions, should not constitute an obstacle to obtaining Czech citizenship for Ukrainians. It is advisable to check your knowledge, for example, in a course that will allow you to process the information you receive and interpret it appropriately.

Exam Price

Previously, the entire system was set up so that the first attempt to serve a Czech language exam was financed by the state. However, at the moment, an amendment to the law is in force, which stipulates that the foreigner pays for the examination performed on his own. The fee was reduced to 2,000 CZK per attempt. 

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