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Would you like to drive a vehicle in the Czech Republic and are not sure whether your driving license from your country is valid also in the Czech Republic? Then you are in the right place. We will clarify how you can obtain a driving license for foreigners in the Czech Republic.

Is my driving licence valid in the Czech Republic?

  • If you are the owner of a driving license issued by a Member State of the European Union, Norway, Switzerland or Liechtenstein, you are entitled to drive and you do not have to change it.
  • If you are a citizen of a non-EU country and your driving license complies with the conditions of road traffic of the Czech Republic, you may retain and use your driving license from your native country, but only for one year for a short or long-term stay. If you have a permanent residence and intend to use a driving license for more than one year, you are required to exchange your driving license within 3 months of your permanent residence.
  • If you are a citizen of a non-EU country and your driving license does not meet the conditions of road traffic in the Czech Republic, you must either be the holder of an international driving license or you must have a driving school in the Czech Republic.

How can a foreigner get Czech driving license?

An alien may undergo driving instruction at a driving school in the Czech Republic. Upon successful completion of the course, he / she will obtain an international driving license, which is valid in EU and EEA countries and is also recognized in other states under the International Convention. The course and exam can usually be completed in English, German or Russian. It is necessary to provide an interpreter during the exam. Sign in to a school for foreigners You can apply for Driving Driving if you meet the age limit of 18 years, submit an official application form for the driving school and provide a medical report on medical fitness to drive. Conditions for issuing a driving license To issue a driving license, the alien is required to document the place of usual residence or the place where the alien resides and resides for at least 185 days a year for personal ties. You can show your usual residence using one of the following documents:

  • a temporary residence permit
  • certificate of Study
  • a tenancy agreement for the property
  • an extract from the Land Register confirming ownership of the property,
  • a certificate of employment or an extract from the Trade Register.

The driving license is issued either at an office with extended jurisdiction at your residence or at the City of Prague.

What papers you need to have with you when applying for a driving license?

When submitting an application, you must submit the following documents:

  • identity document,
  • a document proving the usual residence,
  • evidence of the applicant's professional competence, An application for admission to teaching and training with a record of passing a test of professional competence (not older than six months)
  • a medical fitness report,
  • a driving license (if it is a license extension)
  • one photo that conforms to the requirements of the Citizenship Records Act.

  Driving licenses themselves take about twenty days.

Change of driving license for foreigners

In case you belong to a group of applicants who have the right or obligation to exchange the driving license, it is necessary to prove to the competent office in your usual residence:

  • a completed application for a driving license

  Application form for the issue of a driving license is available: - at the information register of the driver's register, the application can not be copied !!!

  • a valid identity document of the applicant (citizen of the Czech Republic in the case of his / her loss or theft, a replacement document issued by the relevant city district according to the place of permanent residence of the citizen or the Police of the Czech Republic in the case of the theft, plus another official document with photographs, Etc., the foreigner presents a residence permit)
  • One 35 x 45 mm photo
  • a foreign driving license, which will be stored in the drivers register during their stay in the Czech Republic
  • 50 CZK (deadline for issue within 20 days)
  • 500 CZK (deadline for issue within 5 working days)

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