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Within the framework of foreign development cooperation with foreign countries, the Czech Republic offers a lot of scholarships for foreigners at Czech universities. These scholarships are designed for exchange study trips for foreigners and for students who decide on their own initiative to come and study for a period of standard studies and then possibly to remain in the Czech Republic. Foreigners in the Czech Republic may study a three-year bachelor study (the time may vary by university and branch) and a subsequent two-year master’s study.


Why study in the Czech Republic?

According to statistics from 2014, the Czech Republic is the 12th most popular study stay for foreigners. Why are so many students choosing the Czech Republic? Let us write a few reasons that students state:

  • Universities in the Czech Republic have a long tradition.
  • Study in the Czech Republic offers specific fields of study you cannot find elsewhere in the world.
  • School and living costs are acceptable.
  • The Czech Republic has a unique atmosphere and rich cultural life.

How do I apply for foreign exchange stays?

The main requirement for enrollment for a foreign study stay in the Czech Republic for university graduates is to have completed secondary education with a GCSE.

Evidence of completed secondary education must usually be certified because of possible differences in education systems.

Notification of secondary education can be done at secondary schools in the Czech Republic.

If you will study college and have already studied college in your native country, there is a course of notification of subjects within the university where you register. You can get more information about diploma qualifications in the Czech Republic.

How much does study in the Czech Republic for foreigners cost?

The study of foreigners in the Czech Republic is fully covered by the state with studies at a public university. Another condition is the age limit of 26 years: if you are older you have to pay tuition fees determined by each university differently.

Can I get a scholarship?

A scholarship paid by the Czech Republic can be earned by students or, sometimes, by researchers. Recognition of the scholarship is issued by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports. The scholarship for this year is 9000, – CZK for bachelor students and 9500, – CZK for students of master studies.

Visa for study stay

Another requirement is to receive a Visa for a stay in the Czech Republic. Here, it depends on how long you intend to study in the Czech Republic and from which country you come. Some countries have a bilateral treaty with the Czech Republic, allowing their citizens visa-free or easy entry into the Czech Republic.

If you have to undergo the whole process of obtaining a visa, you will need to obtain confirmation from the Czech university about admission to study and accommodation confirmation.

Health insurance for students

Another important condition for staying in the Czech Republic is health insurance for foreigners, because in the Czech Republic you must be legally insured for the whole period of your stay. More information about the types and prices of commercial health insurance can be found HERE.

What are the basic documents I need to register at a Czech college?
Basic documents for registration at the Czech college are:

  • Copies of a secondary school certificate (school-leaving certificate)
  • Administrative fee
  • Application
  • Specific papers required by each university such as: CV, work portfolio, may require admissions (written examinations), oral interview.

Signing up and addressing the university

Do not be afraid to contact the university study department you have chosen to address and submit your application. Please know the different deadlines for submitting applications when applying. The usual deadline for submitting applications is from February to April.

Typically, signing in two steps:

  • Choose a university and a field of study and check your acceptance requirements.
  • You will fill in the application form and pay a fee for the admission procedure, which is usually around 500, – CZK. The application can be submitted electronically and the fee is paid online by transfer to the account.

You should then receive a letter / email from the university on the admission procedure. As part of the admission process you may be required to write an essay on a predefined topic or a letter of motivation. Written tests of mathematics, general knowledge and languages ​​are also common. At some universities, you can also attend an additional oral interview where you should clarify your intention to study the subject. The entrance examinations usually take place in June.

When does the study year begin?

For each university, it differs slightly: usually the study year begins at the end of September / early October. The exact timing of study weeks and exam periods, including holidays, can be found in your information study system. You will also receive most of the information when you enroll in the university.

To enroll, you must receive an invitation from the University, stating the date and exact time you need to attend. With the registration, a briefing is introduced, which explains the function of the information system, the system of enrollment and completion of subjects and general requirements for study. It is important to come to matriculation where you will receive an official study promise shortly before joining the study.

How to get to the new university?

For better orientation at a new school, we encourage you to apply for a dating course organized by the University each year. It is a one-day nature trip with a wide range of sports activities. There you can get acquainted with some lecturers, senior students, and especially with peers. Another good way to be in the picture is to watch different groups and sites on Facebook. Perhaps, for each subject, there is already a group where you can find out where to find the best study materials, who is the most suitable teacher for the subject, or you can find tutoring from the student who has successfully passed the subject. These groups are also suitable for the sale and purchase of textbooks. The cost of textbooks used here is even lower than in antiquarian books, and you can pick them up immediately.

Student benefits

Another interesting aspect of student life is various student communities and associations. With the help of university fairs, you can become part of the Investors Club, young engineers, or develop your professional skills in the AIESEC student organization. Such an environment will not only enrich you with new experiences, but you will also find many interesting people who can become your friends for life.

Preparatory year of study for foreigners

If you start studying in the Czech Republic and are afraid you cannot learn the Czech language, then the university offers a preparatory year of study. During this year you will learn the Czech language (grammar, vocabulary, conversation) and Czech history (learning Czech culture, excursions). Teaching usually takes place in a small group under the guidance of an experienced lecturer. In the summer semester, you can also choose courses of vocational subjects besides courses in the Czech language. The end of the year is the passing of the Czech language test, where the participant must handle at least 60%.


Important information about foreign language training courses:

  • The course price is usually between 50 and 60 thousand CZK.
  • It lasts a year and is divided into winter and summer semester.
  • The winter semester usually starts at 1.10 and ends on 21.12
  • The summer semester usually starts at 9.1. and ends 31.5.
  • About 20 hours a week are taught in the Czech language.

Application for a visa in the case of a preparatory course

If you want to complete this year of preparatory study at a university in the Czech Republic, you do not write your purpose for the long-term visa, but the purpose is preparation for study in the Czech Republic.

Entrance requirements for Czech language for study

For most universities, the B1 entry level is required, but I recommend higher levels of experience. Often, you may find the taught subject will be complex, and you will not seek to concentrate on both the linguistic and the theoretical (understanding the subject).

Accommodation for students

Every student in the Czech Republic is entitled to accommodation at a university dormitory. The price of the dormitory ranges from 3 – 5 thousand CZK per month. Another alternative for student accommodation is the possibility of student rooms or renting a room in an apartment where more students live together. The price is from 5 thousand CZK per month.

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