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Blue Card for Foreigners is a special type of long-term stay in the Czech Republic. It is issued to foreigners who are applying for a job for which high expertise is required.

Who can apply for a Blue Card?

The Blue Card is intended for foreigners from third countries who have been working in the Czech Republic for more than three months.

How long does it take?

The Blue Card is issued for at least one year under an employment contract plus three extra months as a deadline for finding another job and a maximum of two years.

What must a Blue Card Applicant have to comply with?

The applicant must have a university degree or a higher professional education which lasted at least three years. The foreigner must also have a contract of employment according to which he/she is employed full-time and his/her gross wage must correspond to one and a half times the average gross wage in the Czech Republic.

modrá karta vzorWhat job do I have to do to become a Blue Card holder?

The Blue Card always goes to a particular job that is related to work performance, where a high qualification is required and such a job cannot be filled. You can find a list of such jobs on the official MLSA portal here.

What to do after I choose a job from the portal?

After you have selected a job from the MLSA portal, you can then contact your prospective employer with your CV and details of the employment contract you usually discuss at the job interview. Scientific Work If you intend to go to the Czech Republic for a period of more than three months for the purpose of scientific research, you do not apply for a Blue Card but for a long-term stay for the purpose of scientific research.

I got a job, where should I apply for a Blue Card?

  • The Blue Card application is filed at the Embassy of the Czech Republic in the country of which the foreigner is a citizen


  • in the Czech Republic at the Ministry of the Interior (however, this applies only to some states whose list is available for download.)

Blue Card Application Form - Blue Card Application Form can be downloaded from the official website of the Ministry of Interior. The direct link to download the application is here:

  • For the English-Czech version download – HERE
  • For the Russian-Czech version download – HERE

Blue Card Required - Documents Needed

modrá karta vyřízeníThe following documents are required for the Blue Card application:

  • Valid travel document (travel document must be valid at least 90 days exceed the expected period of validity of the Blue Card)
  • 2 photographs that correspond to your current form
  • Documents to prove the qualification required for the selected job (education certificate) - This document must be nostrified by the MEYS. Submit originals or officially certified copies as well as officially certified translation of these documents into Czech. In addition, Dutch public documents must be provided with a higher attestation (apostille, superlegalization).
  • Proof of accommodation for the period of stay
  • Contract of employment for highly qualified employment for at least one year for the statutory weekly working time (the agreed gross monthly or annual wage must be at least 1.5 times the average gross annual wage declared in the Czech Republic by the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs)
  • in the case of the exercise of a regulated profession, proof of compliance with the conditions for pursuing such a profession

You may also be asked to:

  • report that you do not suffer from a serious illness
  • document similar to the Criminal Records; if you are not asked to do so by the Embassy, ​​the Ministry of the Interior is entitled to apply for this document upon entering the Czech Republic.

When do I receive notification of my Blue Card acceptance or rejection?

You will receive notification of the decision within ninety days of the Blue Card request

Can my application be rejected?

Your request may be refused in the following cases:

  • You have submitted documents that are not properly substantiated or do not correspond to reality and may be considered counterfeit.
  • You are an undesirable person in the Czech Republic
  • There is a reasonable risk of suffering from a serious illness that is in the Ministry of Health Decree
  • You didn't come to an alien police for an interview without apology
  • There is a reasonable risk that your country might be endangered by the Czech state.

What can I do if I refuse?

If your Blue Card request is rejected, for example due to misrepresentation of documents, you have the option to appeal within fifteen days of delivery. Subsequently, you must mail the workplace to the Ministry of Interior

My request has been positively assessed, what next?

If your application has been positively assessed, an employee of the Ministry of the Interior will contact you within a few days to arrange a date for issuing a long-term residence permit in the Czech Republic - Blue Cards. Subsequently, the Ministry of the Interior contacts the employer in writing that you have fulfilled the conditions for obtaining a Blue Card. Before issuing a Blue Card, you will be issued with a confirmation that the conditions for obtaining a Blue Card have been fulfilled. This certificate serves as a document that entitles you to stay in the Czech Republic before you receive a Blue Card with biometric data.

What if the job I choose doesn't suit me and I want to change my job?

žádost o modrou kartuIf you terminate your employment during the validity of the Blue Card, you are obliged to report it to the competent Ministry of the Interior within three days. This obligation also applies to the change of employer. During the first two years of employer change, they are subject to the approval of the Ministry of the Interior. So you must always report the change and wait for the decision. Change of work orientation and change of Blue Card employer in the first two years of stay - The change of employer in the first two years, as already mentioned, is subject to prior approval of the Ministry of the Interior. The Ministry will grant approval if you still meet the Blue Card issuance conditions. One of the most important conditions for a job change and a re-residence permit is that the job you would like to continue to belong to a job where high qualifications are needed and is included in the job list that can be filled by a Blue Card applicant. You can find a job change request on this site.

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